Amitabh versus Shahrukh as Don

It looks like the senior and junior Don, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, will battle it out at the box office. While Farhan Akhtar prepares to plunge into a sequel to his 2006 hit "Don - The Chase Begins Again", with Shah Rukh in the lead, the family of Nariman Irani, who made the original "Don" in 1978 with Amitabh Bachchan, is all set to do their own take on the film with the Big B again.

Speaking on the subject for the first time, the Big B told IANS: "Yes, they (Nariman Irani's family) met me some time back. I'm yet to hear the script."

However, Farhan seems to be completely in the dark regarding this parallel project.

"I've no idea of this. We've very close relations with the Irani family. We've been very clear with each other. When they gave us the rights for remaking 'Don' they gave us the right to exploit the movie for the next three-four years. We had even told them we might be doing a sequel. And they were really cool about it.

"They didn't seem interested in going back and doing anything 'Don' related. From the outset they've been straight with us. I don't think they'd just go around announcing another movie."

But with the Iranis having approached Amitabh, a clash of creative interest between the two Dons featuring the Big B and Shah Rukh seems inevitable.


Dino flaunts 'eight-pack' abs on ramp

Dino Morea walked the ramp after a gap of six years in an open-chested sherwani for Rohit Bal's event and says that he was quite nervous backstage.

"I must admit I was nervous backstage, seeing what I call the organised chaos of a typical fashion show. It took me back to my modelling days. But it went well. I loved the sound of the catcalls when I unbuttoned," said Dino who flaunted his six-pack abs at the do.

Dino flaunted his six-pack abs on the ramp alongside Arjun Rampal who remained primly buttoned-up.

"It's actually eight-packs, always has been," Dino corrected shyly.

"Eight years ago when I emerged bare-chested from a washing machine for an ad I had an eight-pack. Back then I was quite uninhibited about flaunting my physique. Then I came to a mellow phase and buttoned up. But now, why not flaunt since it's the call of the times?"


Big B admires Mira Nair

Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan, who will be sharing most of his screen space in Mira Nair's film with Hollywood veteran Johny Depp in "Shantaram", admires the NRI director for making an impact on foreign shores.

"Mira has been meeting me off and on for a long time. She wanted me to be in her (aborted) 'Buddha'. Hopefully, my contribution to 'Shantaram' will be substantial and worthwhile. You've to admire Mira for being a lady from India and making such an impact globally, You've to admire her for her guts and enterprising spirit," the Big B told IANS.

The Big B will be playing Kaderbhai, a benign gangster in Mumbai, who becomes Depp's mentor and surrogate father in the film version of Gregory David Roberts' semi-autobiographical bestseller about an escaped Australian convict who finally ends up in Mumbai's underworld.

Nair is probably the second female director in the Big B's 35-year-old career. He earlier worked with Honey Irani in "Armaan". He also intends to work with Deepa Mehta shortly.

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