Amitabh on the guest list, the media fracas and his daughter-in-law Ash

The big grand Ash-Abhi wedding might be over and everything seems to have gone perfectly fine. Ash and Abhi are currently spending some quality time with the family and according to sources will soon resume their respective shooting schedules. Amitabh is extremely happy that the wedding went off well and he is also very happy that Aishwarya has officially become a member of the family. Amitabh says “It feels wonderful to have Aishwarya in the house and I’m sure there’ll be even more happiness in the house because of her.”
Amitabh is also extremely happy for Abhishek, the proud father says “He is my son, and he has a life of his own. But he will always remain my best friend. We’re happy that the union has taken place and there were moments at the wedding that will remain with us for the rest of our lives.” Ash and Abhi will be living along with him and Jaya and not separately according to rumours. However Amitabh is well aware that many people within the industry and outside too are unhappy that they were not invited for the prestigious wedding. Amitabh tries to explain the situation saying “We were dealing with a marriage and a guest list that was going out from seven important personalities and celebrities such as my father Dr. Harivanshrai Bachchan with his literary admirers, my mother Teji Bachchan with her relatives and friends, Jaya Bachchan with her friends and relatives, there was Abhishek and Aishwarya and also Amar Singhji. How do we even begin to invite all the people who are associated with these seven people?” Amitabh further tries to explain, saying “If we invited all the friends of all the hosts, the guest list would have run into 20,000 people. Where would we have accommodated so many people?”

Amitabh and his family also did not want to hold the wedding at a hotel as it would be too impersonal. Also Amitabh felt that inviting so many people would have been a waste of money and he says “I’d rather give that kind of money to charity.” Amitabh was also torn between his ailing mother Teji Bachchan who is in hospital and celebrating his only son’s wedding, so Amitabh says “We decided to have an intimate family gathering and we invited those friends who were absolutely impossible to ignore.” Although there were many people from the film industry as well as outside it who were hurt about not being invited for the wedding, Amitabh does not seem too concerned about this issue but he says “If they’re offended because they weren’t invited then they weren’t my friends in the first place.” Rumours are also going around that bigwigs from the film industry like SRK, Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan were offended because they were not invited for the wedding, however Amitabh claims “Everyone from Shahrukh Khan to Hrithik to Salman have sent their good wishes for Ash and Abhi.”

Another issue on the day of the wedding was the manhandling of a few media personnel. A few bodyguards were roughed up by the commandos when they tried to get too close to Ash and Abhi. Although Amitabh has apologized for the incident to the media he is upset with the media’s behaviour and says “There was a virtual assault on our privacy. I had 40 cars following us when I was driving Aishwarya and Abhishek home after the bidaai. Also Amar Singhji needed urgent medical attention and then we couldn’t move due to the media blocking us, do you know what that felt like? To have people shouting and abusing me in front of my own home is unfair.” Despite all these issues the Bachchans are happy that the wedding went well and Ash