Amitabh Bachchan’s land donation can lead to contempt of court

Recently Amitabh Bachchan seems to be embroiled in several controversies and one of them is regarding the farmland purchased by him in UP despite him not being a farmer. Sources had claimed that Amitabh had used his connections with good friend and earlier UP minister Yadav to acquire ownership of the land . However now it seems with a new govt party ruling, Amitabh and the land dealing have come under the scanner and a case has been filed in court. But recently Amitabh claimed that he would be donating the disputed land. But the UP government claims that since the case regarding the land is going on Bachchan cannot donate the land and this particular action of his amounts to contempt of court.
Recently sources claimed that Amitabh would be donating his farmlands at Daulatpur to the Barabanki gram sabha. However since the ownership of the land is under dispute and a case has been filed in court, the government counsel claims that Amitabh cannot donate the land and his doing so or claiming to do so will amount to contempt of court. The matter of corrupt officials in the UP led government helping Amitabh to acquire the farmlands came to light when certain other officials brought the matter to notice. The matter was then taken to the High court and a stay order was passed on the Faizabad court’s order regarding the matter and both the parties were asked to maintain status quo. But by donating the land or claiming to do so, Bachchan was disturbing that status quo and hence he could be held for contempt of court.

However Bachchan’s counsel refuted the charges claiming that his client wanted to surrender the plot and this was permissible under various Acts of Law. Amitabh recently featured as the cover boy of Filmfare magazine at the age of 60 plus. He has also done an in depth interview with the magazine on many controversial issues surrounding him. However he did not discuss the controversial land issue which is currently being heard in court.