Amitabh bachchan Praises Nana’s Performance in “The Attacks on 26/11”

The whole nation’s hue and cry over Ram Gopal Verma visiting the Taj hotel after 26/11 was justified. He no doubt, had gone there to get a first-hand view of the incident that would help him in preparing a film.

The film has been titled, “ The Attacks on 26/11 ”. Amitabh Bachchan has been quite moved by the film that features Nana Patekar playing the role of a cop Rakesh Maria.

He, who does not maintain a healthy relationship with Nana, since they worked in “Kohram” thirteen years back, could not control himself from praising him.

Big B who has always treated his colleagues lavishly when they excelled in their performance sent him a bouquet attached with a hand-written note.

A source said, “Nana didn't expect this. Bachchan Saab and he hardly share what I'd call great vibes. It goes back to the time they did Kohram together.”

Nana earlier had also offered him a role in a film had been framed keeping Big B in mind. However, it never materialized.

RGV has also called the real Rakesh Maria to watch the film. RGV also said, "Because of my long association with Amitji and since I value his opinion very highly I showed my film to him. The 26/11 attacks were probably the most heinous and tragic events that happened in post-independent India and I strongly believed that more than any documentary or any number of books written on it, only a feature film can do complete justice in capturing both its tragedy and its spirit for posterity."

RGV is also assured by Big B’s response that he has been able to capture the true essence of the attack in this film,” Going by such deep emotional reactions the film evoked in Mr. Bachchan which he so magnanimously shared with all his fans on his twitter, I feel I have achieved my primary intention of being extremely truthful to the emotional content of the attacks of 26/11. I want ever single character who appears in the film to see it. Tragically many of them are not around any longer. I guess that's the irony of any national tragedy. Many of those who avert a serious national calamity do not survive to tell their tale. This is my most important film to date and I feel it gets as close to the truth about what happened on the night of November 26, 2008 as possible. There are so many books, so many documented and first-person accounts of the sequence of events. We've come as close to recreating the actual incidents as cinematically possible."