Amitabh Bachchan on success, remakes and winning awards

He is known as an ‘icon’ and ‘legend’ in bollywood and recently the actor celebrated his 64th birthday on 11 October which saw the entire country heaping good wishes on none other than Amitabh Bachchan. Although he spent a quite day on his birthday with family and friends the actor is grateful to his fans for their good wishes. Amitabh also received another surprising but pleasant birthday gift; he was honoured with the highest civilian award by the France government, the ‘French Legion Award’. Amitabh is extremely grateful for the honour bestowed on him by the French government and also views his award as recognition for the Hindi film industry and Indian Cinema.
Amitabh Bachchan said “I’m quite honoured and surprised. I’m grateful to the French government and I’m thankful to the film industry and all my colleagues. But I’m not worthy of such recognition, it’s most undeserving. However whatever is given to me I respect it.” Amitabh is also extremely happy with the award as it means that the Hindi film industry is finally getting its due. He says “I think it’s a sign of the acceptance of our escapist commercial mainstream cinema abroad. Earlier the mainstream cinema was ostracized and ridiculed. But now there’s a huge amount of acceptance and it’s really a healthy trend.” However Big B remains modest about winning awards and titles, he says “Being considered one of the most famous Indians in the world is an unwarranted responsibility and I also don’t believe it’s true.”

Amitabh is happy to represent his country and be a brand ambassador for his country as well as the Hindi film industry. He says “I will do my job to the best of my abilities. I’d like to see our country make inroads into the world. I’d like the world to look at India with more admiration and compassion.” Amitabh is also unable to see what the fuss about remakes in bollywood is all about. He feels that it is perfectly okay if a producer or director wants to remake several old classics as long as he does not take away its main essence. Recently quite a few films of his our being remade, one of them being the classic Don which will now star Shahrukh Khan. Bachchan himself will be seen in the remake of Sholay which is one of the finest films from Indian Cinema. It is ironical that Bachchan was a part of the hit Sholay then and will once again be seen in Ramgopal Varma Ki Sholay but this time as Gabbar Singh.

Amitabh refuses to give too much importance to his success in the film industry; he does not consider his success in the film industry phenomenal. He claims that he just goes to work and tries to give his best and wants to continue to do so. The awards and titles are definitely benefits but he does not strive to achieve them and even if he does not get them he would not be affected.