Amitabh Bachchan, No plans to Retire

Emperor of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan is about to touch 70 however has no concerns about his hectic work schedule. As the actor has turned older, he is at times resisted by illnesses and few controversies. Over the past few years, Big B has been admitted to hospitals a few times for surgeries or after catching some severe disease. Though each and every time he steps out of the hospital he finds himself standing before a massive crowd who come from all corners of India just to wish him good health and don’t leave until Big B himself convinces them that he’s out of trouble now. That is the enigma of the man, undoubtedly, is the most admired and loved Indian. “I hope I can go back and start working again. So long as there are people who wish to work with me, so long as I remain healthy, I would like to continue working.” Said Amitabh.

We all salute Big B’s dedication and passion for work matches that of a runaway child. Age and illness don’t affect the power of stopping this great from his celluloid journey. With each passing film, Big B proves himself a bigger actor and a wonderful human being.