Amitabh, Priyanka, Katy serve notice for ‘Indecent’ Dance

IPL continues to enthrall even after it’s over . Controversies involving it seem hard to die. The latest is the legal notices being served to International pop star Katy Perry and Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan. It is over accusations of indecency during the inaugural show of IPL-5 in Chennai on April 3rd .

Mr. Bachchan as well as ‘Teenage dream’ girl Katy Perry would never have thought of this result during the jazzy and sexy overture on the YMCA grounds for the two-hour long extravaganza. But the thought came to the minds of Mr. K Jeba Kumar , an advocate ,  who has filed a petition in the Madras High Court that the performances were, “obscene and lascivious , appalling to prurient interest “ .

Not only these two but there are others who have been accused. The Bollywood celebrities Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor and many others are mentioned as well.

In his petition Mr.  Jeba Kumar  has accused that the show was being watched by women and children inside the stadium who might have felt uneasy at the proceedings. Also it was time for board and school exams  and  the event was live on TV. Also provocative pictures of the stars were published in the next day’s newspapers . “Uncensored” video clipping were also available on the internet. These things may have distracted the students from studies as mentioned by the petitioner.

BCCI(Board for Control of Cricket in India) has also  not been spared . I’ts chief s Mr.N Srinivasan and Mr. Rajiv Shukla has also been sent legal notices . An official from Sony Set Max which had telecasted the event has also received the notice . 

Justice A Selvam of the Madras High Court has also slammed the police on no action being taken by them on the complaint by the petitioner , who also mentions various actions under IPC(Indian Penal Code) could have been taken for these obscene and indecent acts . The hearing for this has been scheduled on July 31st  . If the complaint is  are justified , formal charges will be laid against the accused .

Whether it is the 10 seconds of fame or genuine concern for the women and students that prompted  Mr. Jeba Kumar is not known but Mr. Bachchan and others from the Film fraternity could have been spared considering the grief that has stricken the country after the demise of yesteryears Superstar Rajesh Khanna . Also the Courts are reeling under too many important cases to judge instead of such petty cases of  “Public  Interest” .