Amitabh Bachchan feels KBC will work if anyone does it

Amitabh Bachchan has quite a few projects lined up and one of them is the soon to be released Nishabd by Ramgopal Varma. The film is different as it is one of the rare films in Hindi Cinema which explores the relationship between an older man and a younger woman. Amitabh plays an older man who is besotted with a much younger girl played by newcomer Jiah Khan.Amitabh will also be working with internationally acclaimed filmmakers like Mira Nair and Deepa Mehta.According to sources, Nishabd also has a kissing scene between the two protagonists, but Amitabh would rather have the audiences wait and watch the film than reveal all.
Amitabh says that when Ramgopal came to him with the script of Nishabd, he was extremely impressed and immediately said yes to doing the film. The film was shot in a single schedule down south in a span of 21 days. Amitabh and Varma have also worked together ealier and Amitabh says "I have worked with Ramu before and there is a certain level of comfort and I trust him as a filmmaker.He provokes me to do things which I have not done before." But Bachchan is extremely happy that Ramgopal believed that he would be able to do justice to this particular role.Amitabh says "When the director says he trusts me, I just like to submit to the director." As for doing films with internationally acclaimed filmmakers, Amitabh claims that it was not a planned decision to go west but merely because he liked the scripts.Amitabh also has no problems with films that are being redone and feels quite proud that several of his earlier films are being remade.

Amitabh does not take one of the hottest topic's of his rivalry with SRK too seriously as he says "I know this is all a media build and therefore we take it very lightly and play along.Amitabh has finally watched SRK playing the host on KBC and says "Shahrukh is doing a fine job and he has made it very lighthearted." But Amitabh feels that it is not he or SRK who is making the show successful and says "I think if anyone did KBC, it would be successful because the format is extremely good.It has been running successfully in 80-90 countries across the world and I'm not doing that and neither is Shahrukh, so what is the reason? The reason is that the game itself is very powerful."