Amitabh Bachchan extremely proud of Abhishek’s performance in Guru

Amitabh Bachchan may be termed as a legend in bollywood, but he is also a father and an extremely proud one today. Amitabh recently got a chance to watch Mani Ratnam’s film Guru which releases today and he can’t stop gushing about his son, Abhishek’s performance in the film. Amitabh is extremely proud of Abhishek’s performance in the film and claims that Abhi was incredible in the film and that he would not mind watching the film again an again. Amitabh claims that this was Abhi’s role of a life time and that he is overcome with emotions after having viewed his son’s performance.
Amitabh says “I have held myself back on many an occasion from commenting on my son’s work, but this time I shall not. To hell with niceties and restraint, Abhishek is incredible. For someone so young to have performed the way he has, is a revelation. It is the culmination of his strife to prove himself in the face of continuing odds and innuendos.” Amitabh believes that this was a role that any actor would have died for and that there will be many who will envy Abhishek’s performance in Guru. Amitabh has never before commented on Abhishek’s work but this time after watching the film he has been truly touched by Abhishek’s performance.

Amitabh claims that his own father had written that when a father loses to his son, it is his greatest victory and he says “I’ve lost to my son and I am the happiest father alive.” Amitabh is truly proud of Abhishek’s work and he considers Mani Ratnam’s work truly commendable. Amitabh is so awed by Mani’s work that he too wants to work with him now. Amitabh feels that Guru is like Abhishek’s story; it is about the determination, the will and the strength of a common man to succeed in the face of unending obstacles and his courage of conviction to emerge victorious.