Amisha throws a surprise birthday bash for ex-boyfriend Vikram Bhatt

Amisha Patel and director Vikram Bhatt have split after five years but the bond of friendship that has developed over the years has remained and this was evident when Amisha recently threw a surprise birthday bash for ex-boyfriend Vikram Bhatt. Ameesha organised the surprise at one of their common friend's place.

According to sources, Amisha organised a surprise birthday party for Vikram despite the fact that they have split. Vikram has earlier confirmed his split from Amisha but chose not to divulge the reason for their split. However, sources claim that Amisha has gotten close to London based businessman Kanav Puri and this was one of the reasons for their split. It was also rumoured that since Vikram's daughter was against his relationship with Amisha, he was not ready to commit and tie the knot any time soon. A source claims "The surprise birthday party was hosted by Amisha at a common friend’s place. After the split, she moved out from Vikram’s place and began living with her cousin. She debated a lot about the venue before she decided on the common friend’s place. Amisha didn’t want to host the party at the house she shared with Vikram as it has too many memories and her new address didn’t seem like a good idea either.”

Meanwhile it has been reported that since her split from Vikram, Amisha's estranged family is hoping that she will return to them. Amisha's family believes that Vikram was the reason why she left them. And now that she has split with him, they hope that she will return to them. However, Amisha it seems is not interested in a reconciliation with her family, she said "I have nothing to do with them, I don't want a reconciliation. The rift with my parents was not caused by Vikram, he's my best friend. My parents stole my money and let me down."