Amisha Patel throws a tantrum at the airport

Amisha has recently been accused of abusing an employee of Air India airlines and a case has been filed by the employee with the airport authorities as well as with the police.
Amisha and her friend were traveling to the US and like all other passengers were asked to provide their passports and tickets. However Amisha maintained that her passport and ticket were in her handbag which was kept with the passenger services staff due to the additional security check at the airport. Amisha also asked the Air India employee to provide her with a frequent flier form. She was asked to wait in the lounge for the form. However even Amisha’s friend who is not a frequent flier wanted a form and all the trouble began when the employee politely refused her friend the form. According to sources when Amisha’s friend was refused a form “She began to hurl abuses and was extremely rude to the employee at the counter.”

Apparently the actress also threatened to slap the employee and also get her sacked by civil aviation minister Praful Patel. Finally when the situation seemed to be getting out of control other airport authorities intervened. Amisha also created a ruckus when the airport staff refused to upgrade her friend to the first class as she had already been upgraded. But finally the staff conceded and upgraded her friend too. The airport employee who was abused has now filed a complaint with airport authorities as well as the police. However Amisha has another version to tell and claims that it was the employee who was rude and high-handed with her and her friend.

Amisha claims that when she asked the employee at the counter to upgrade the tickets, she was extremely rude. And the employee and another drunken passenger who was looking for trouble began abusing them. In spite of the fact that Amisha approached an officer on duty who was around, he did nothing to sort out their dilemma with the employee and looked on as they were being abused. Amisha says “I am a frequent flier and I deserve respect as a passenger. In fact we were planning to file a complaint against them for rude behaviour, but they assured us that such an incident would not happen again, so I excused them. They are only trying to safeguard themselves now by filing a false complaint against us.”

Amisha claims that she does not use abusive language or go around threatening people by using big names. She says “I am shocked with what has happened in India and I think they have blown this entire issue out of proportion.” Amisha Patel will soon be seen in Dharmesh Darshan’s Aap Ki Khatir , alongside Suniel Shetty, Priyanka Chopra, Dino Morea, Priyanka Chopra and Akshaye Khanna. Amisha plays the role of Priyanka’s sister in the film; unfortunately she does not have a very substantial role in the film. In fact Amisha claims that she has only done the role in the film for Dharmesh Darshan as they share an extremely good relationship.