Amisha Patel not being promoted equally for Ankahee

Vikram Bhatt’s Ankahee is based on his life and his relationship with X Miss Universe and actress Sushmita Sen. It is a film that is fictional and partly non fictional. Esha Deol is playing Sushmita’s character, while real life girlfriend Amisha Patel plays the hero’s wife. Aftab Shivdasani enacts the role of Vikram in the film. However the promos of the film are largely promoting Esha Deol’s presence in the film. This has led to a friction between producers, Pritish Nandy Communications (PNC) and Amisha Patel.
According to a source “Amisha feels that as she is a senior artiste, it was unfair to promote Esha more and leave Amisha out of the publicity completely.” Director and beau Vikram also felt that Amisha was not being equally promoted. Aftab Shivdasani, the male lead was also being sidelined in the promos and hence he too was unhappy about PNC’s promotional campaign. All three felt that Esha was mainly being promoted in the film, as she is a close friend of Rangita Nandy who is the creative director of PNC.

PNC wanted to shoot a promotional music video, ‘Tumhe Hyun Milenge’ with all three stars. But when Rangita spoke to Amisha about doing the song, she point blankly refused to do it, until and unless she was given a written contract that she would be given equal footage as Esha Deol. But Rangita refused to give a written commitment to the actress. Rangita however did manage to verbally assure Amisha that she would see to it that all the actors in the film were equally promoted. Only after this assurance did Amisha shoot for the song.

Pritish of PNC says “In any film it is not always possible to give equal presence to all lead characters and as a result many people are accused of hogging a larger screen presence. Ankahee is a director’s film and it is his prerogative to give as much footage as he wants to his actors. We have never interfered with that.” Pritish is not upset with Amisha’s behaviour and instead says “I don’t see it as a tantrum, but as an artiste expressing her concern at being wronged or unfairly treated.” Rangita Nandy seems unconcerned about the issue and says “My job at PNC is to make sure we make a great film. I work with talent and not tantrums. We have a release on hand and that’s the only thing that’s important right now.”

The music video is currently being aired and all three actors feature in it. Ankahee will release on 19 May.