Ameesha refuses Kanav’s marriage proposal

Ameesha Patel had many breaks ups previously but when it comes to businessman beau Kanav Puri, she is very serious. Ameesha and Kanav have been seeing each other for couple of years and now when Kanav wanted to give a new name to their relationship, Ameesha stepped back because for the lady, work comes first.  While boyfriend Kanav Puri proposes marriage to Ameesha, the lady refuses.

Patel maintains, "We are not planning marriage at all for the next two years as both of us are concentrating on work. Long- distance relationships are never easy but we are both very supportive of each other's work and trust and respect each other."

The ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ actress is not ready to retire at this point of time. She says, "Work is my worship. I can't dream of not being in front of the camera. I'm only married to my work. Marriage is the farthest from my mind. I haven't seen Kanav in two months and wont be able to for at least another couple of months. But it's okay. Work first. All else can wait."

“My career is my oxygen and love is my heartbeat. Both have to be present in my life and both make each other more enjoyable. I think everything in life needs a balance”, she adds.

However, they remain in touch through E-mails and phone. At present, Ameesha and Kanav are enjoying their long distance relationship.