Ameesha Patel slapped her driver

Ameesha Patel is again in the news for all wrong reasons. On Saturday evening, she lost her temperament over her elderly driver and it is reported that she slapped him out of anger. It so happened that she parked her car outside her gym and on coming out she found a small scratch on the body of her car. With this small incident, she outraged and repotedly slapped her 50 yr old chauffer.

Narrating the incident, a passerby said, "Ameesha's new car was parked outside the gym. When she emerged after her workout, she saw a tiny scratch on the side of her car, and flipped out. She started hurling abuses at the driver and kept asking him for an explanation. When he couldn't come up with an answer, she slapped him hard across his cheek."

This is not the first time Ameesha showed her bad temperament to her driver. A source close to the actress adds, "Ameesha has had problems with her driver for a long time. Recently he almost banged the car and even took her to the wrong address. He has a slight eyesight problem and despite her telling him to wear glasses he refuses to do so.

He's been with her for a long time. Her growing frustration with him has got to her. She had a narrow escape in March when a jeep rammed into her car on the Mumbai Pune Expressway."

As usually happened, Ameesha denied the authenticity of the report. She went on to claim that she has stopped taking her car to the gym for the last three years. "This is utterly ridiculous. Nothing of this sort has happened. My house is walking distance from the gym and I just take my driver with me to hold my umbrella. You can come to my gym and ask around if anything to this effect happened. It's all lies and I will be very unhappy if this comes out."

Recently, Ameesha broke up with her boyfriend Kanav Puri.