Ameesha Patel hates Veena Malik

Ameesha Patel threw a grand bash to mark the birthday celebration of her brother Ashmit Patel. All the arrangements were made under her supervision but water spilled in her happiness when she spotted Veena Malik in the bash. Ameesha in twitter revealed that she dislikes Veena Malik.

Sources claim, "The actress doesn't like Veena next to her bro. And here is Ameesha's latest tweet that she retweeted. @ameesha_patel hi Ameesha. Must let you know that @veenasmalik is a fake. Pls RT to acknowledge. From a fan in the UK."

Ameesha might hate Veena but Ashmit loves her a lot and admit that if it was possible to get close to the actress; he would not have missed the opportunity.

Veena and Ashmit were very close on the reality show, Bigg Boss. They admit love for each other number of times.