Am I here to work in films dealing with subjects centred on sex?, Tanushree

Tanushree Dutta has worked in limited projects ever since her debut five years back with AASHIQ BANAYA AAPNE and CHOCOLATE, Tanushree is now particular about her image.    "I feel so disappointed when I see such rumours floating around APARTMENT", said Tanushree who was recently seen as a possessed female in horror thriller ROKKK and saw some good critical appreciation coming her way, "I am also so worried about how to face people from media or industry in general because I may be asked some really uncomfortable sounding questions. When a horde of journos attack you of nowhere, it really scares me and bogs me down." Tanushree added.  

Neetu plays the role of a schizophrenic in APARTMENT and Tanushree is a victim, however the promotional focus (whether designed or by chance) stayed on the aforementioned elements rather than the thriller quotient of APARTMENT. Naturally, Tanushree is upset. "Am I here to work in films dealing with subjects centred on sex? Am I indulging into fights with my co-stars all the time? Come on, at the end of the day I have to safeguard my image as well. My credibility as an actor is also associated with a film and it is not fair for me, who has worked so hard so far, to be getting dragged into something like this. Give me some credit for my work, talk about the way I have approached my character. But such stories just take all attention away from the relevant topics." Tanushree said.