All the jewelry comes to me from John, Bipasha

Bipasha Basu is self sufficient in jewelry. Guess who flooded Bipasha Basu with expensive gold jewelry. It’s none other than her beau actor John Abraham. Bipasha reveals that John always gifts her with expensive jewelry. Bipasha adds, “All the jewelry comes to me from John. He is my diamond supplier.” The actress recently launched an ad-campaign of Gili, the jewelry brand of Gitanjali.

Bips quips about her engagement ring, “Well the engagement ring comes from the other side.. I hope it's nice and beautiful; not too big, not too small, just the right size for my finger."

It is not only John who makes Bipasha rich with jewelry but her mother is also very active in buying gold jewelry for her daughter, “My mother saves a lot ofgold and diamond jewelry for me. I have not really looked into it. Till now, I am very happy with my jewelry.”

Hope, the day comes soon when Bipasha Basu gets over her marriage phobia and styled as a dulhan.