All is not well between Lara and Bhupathi!

One may be wondering what went wrong between Bollywood actress Lara Dutta and her husband ace tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi who tied the knot two months back. Don’t draw any wrong conclusion with the headline, there has been not any major fallout between the two. Lara and Bhupathi’ debut home production ‘Chalo Dilli’ is slated for this week release and Bhupathi who is new in this field out of excitement revealed to his friends that he is making a special appearance in the movie which Lara wants to keep secret.

"Yes, Mahesh has told his friends that he will be playing a cameo in the film and Lara is a bit upset because she wanted this to be a surprise for the audience. She also knows that such news gets leaked easily, which is why she was keeping mum about it till now. But since Mahesh is not from the industry, he doesn't understand the need for secrecy in such matters," explains the source.

The couple who has been busy with their respective assignments did not get time to enjoy their honeymoon. Now that they got some free time, the married couple headed for their dream destination Bali.