Check Out: Alia Bhatt sports peek-a-boo dress

Alia Bhatt is the latest debutant female in Bollywood whose first film Student of the Year won the hearts of the younger generation. At just 19 years of age this beauty, who happens to be Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter has already secured a great position for herself in Bollywood. Her first film directed by Karan Johar, saw her in an outstanding role along with Siddharth Malhotra and David Dhawan’s son, Varun Dhawan. Secret reports have also revealed that she has signed up a few upcoming projects which include the movie adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States. Way to go girl Bhatt!!

However, there has been a buzz about Alia and her way of dressing. A very confident girl, she was recently spotted at the premiere of Murder 3 with revealing clothes. Not only this, she was also spotted wearing revealing dresses in various award ceremonies. Thus, even the newcomers of Bollywood have strictly started following the fact that dressing up in revealing clothes would make them look super cool. Although some people are of the opinion that she does not need to expose herself in public, the actress does not pay heed to any of the opinions.

In one of the recent event she was spotted wearing a dress which revealed her cleavage more than what is expected. A little over the top dresses have always been her favorite.  In the Murder 3 premiere for instance, she had worn a blue dress which was semi transparent and revealed the insides more than needed. Sporting such dresses in the public events seem over-confidence and unnecessary for a girl of 19.

The wardrobe of Alia Bhatt mainly consists of clothes which are revealing, way too short or having large bare backs. The actress doesn’t seem to care. She flaunts her body and her back just like the way actresses much older than her do. Her see-through clothes at the movie screening event show her oozing with confidence. Her skimpy outfits with which she poses for pictures are way too provocative for the Indian audience.

In her debut film Student of the Year too, she was seen in a shot wearing a yellow bikini on the beach. Thus, the recent Karan Johar find has been showing herself a bit too much. Whatever it is, the confidence of the young girl is worth appreciating. Maybe this is what you get if you are born and raised in the family of celebrities.
alia bhatt
alia bhatt
alia bhatt

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