Alia Bhatt proposed on ‘Dance India Dance’

Alia Bhatt was in for a surprise when she visited the sets of ‘Dance India Dance’, a reality dance show. The ‘Student of the Year’ actress was proposed to by one of the contestants, Shyam. His dance moves were amazing enough to floor Alia.

The performance started with a welcome AV by the crew in which Alia saw what the boys wished to say about her. The daughter of filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt, Alia enjoyed the whole show and seemed to be particularly impressed by one of the contestants, Shyam. According to Shyam, he wished that if he ever got the chance to kidnap the actress, he would want to get married to her. According to Alia, he was the one who sounded the most genuine and sounded greatly amused.  She even went on to say he was perfect. In fact, when the host of the show, ‘Jay Bhanushali’ asked Shyam’s mother about her take on it, she agreed and said she thought Alia to be the perfect bride for her son, given her terrific acting talents and of late, her singing talent as well. To impress her more, Shyam even asked Alia for a dance to which she agreed without any hesitation. The dance was perfectly in sync and it was quite a feat considering it was an impromptu performance without any prior rehearsal or any retakes.  Alia was impressed with Shyam’s performance and praised his approach saying, ‘I am glad that I chose you because after seeing your act.... I know for a fact that you are a romantic at heart and you would do al it takes to keep the girl in your life happy.’

So what did Shyam have to say after this. He was happily taken aback and was very excited when Alia agreed to his proposal although it was only for a dance. Although the contestants are vying for the ‘Sunehri Taqdeer Ki Topi’, Shyam seemed to be on another level of happiness altogether on the show, ‘Dance India Dance’.

Alia had come to the show ‘Dance India Dance Season 4’ to promote her upcoming film ‘Highway’ in which she plays a kidnapped girl who starts to bond with her captors. ‘Highway’ being her second film, she is already turning heads with her performance and has generated a mass following among the male audience. At present, she is busy touring the country promoting her film.