Akshay treats Katrina like a baby

Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif is said to be a golden on-screen couple after Shahrukh-Kajol. The pair has delivered number of hits and in casting opposite each other number of times, they have developed a soft corner for one another. They have spent much time together and in the course of shooting, they have known about each other’s weakness, strength, liking and disliking. As Akshay knows very well how sensitive his leading lady is, he run down to Kat's rescue when she was completely drenched in a sexy chiffon sari and strap blouse while shooting for Priyadarshan’s ‘De Dana Dan’.

Akshay dressed in thin kurta too was wet as they were dancing in rain but without bothering about himself, he took the best care of Katrina. He run to Kat on looking her shivering after several takes in rain. He ordered for two towels, wrapped Kat in towels and himself used one. Then he instructed the air-conditioners to be switched off. He then asked Priyan and choreographer Pony Varma to “please look out for Katrina’’.

Akshay knows very well that if Katrina remains wet for long, she will catch fever the next day. Kat is awestruck with Akki’s lovey-dovey act and heard murmuring “God, he treats me like a baby.’’