Akshay rescues a girl child

Tees Maar Khan’ is ready for Christmas release and to sell the first 20 tickets themselves, the team of ‘TMK’ comprising Farah Khan, Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif are in London. As Akki greeted his fans, he noticed a baby crying in the huge crowd. He went through the crowd, picked up the baby and returned her to the mother.

In the next moment, he saw another young girl lost her father in the crowd. The hero run to her, picked her to the stage and took the microphone and announced if anyone has lost their child. The father of the girl jumped the barricade and embraced the young girl. He then took a photograph of Akshay and the girl together.

Akshay has become a hero at the Bollywood event in London. 'Tees Maar Khan' directed by Farah Khan  is slated for U.K., U.S. and Canada release on 22 December 2010. It opens 23 December in Dubai.


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