Akshay narrowly misses a truck accident

Our very own khiladi, Akshay Kumar is not having a good time we hear. On Monday evening he was almost hit by a truck while shooting for the remake of the popular southern movie ‘Thuppakki’. Akshay was busy shooting for an action sequence and didn’t notice that the truck was moving towards him and it moved over his feet. According to a source present at the set, “It all happened so suddenly though Akshay managed to get himself out of the truck's way. Unfortunately his foot got caught under the wheels." The source farther added, "Though Akshay is a tough man, this was quite painful. He was immediately rushed to the hospital."

An injured Akshay was taken to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, in the suburban area of Andheri, Mumbai. He arrived at the hospital at around 4 pm.

The doctors were worried about the actor too and immediately arranged to do X-ray of his feet to understand the extent of damage. However, all was pleasantly surprised when the result of Akshay’s X-ray results came out. None of the bones in Akshay’s feet were broken, only muscle tissues were damaged. A person close to Akshay said, "His treatment is on but he is back home now." The person also said that, "This is the second time in last few weeks that he has injured his foot. It is his fitness though which is keeping him going. Anyone else in his place would have been distraught but he is thankful to God that there hasn't been a major incident. With as many as 4 films on floors and over 500 crores riding on him, he can't afford to lie down."

It is true that Akshay doesn’t have the luxury to rest. The khiladi is riding high on a wave of success and popularity. Producers have invested heavily on him expecting big returns from the box office. Therefore, this is not the best of times to get injured and stop shooting. Akshay has a plethora of upcoming films in which he is working. The sequel to the movie ‘Hera Pheri’, named as ‘International Hera Pheri’ is to be released some time in 2014 along with ‘Gabbar’ and ‘Gutka’. In the year 2013 other than the remake of ‘Thuppakki’, movie of the actor which is going to get released is ‘Boss’.

We hope the khiladi gets well real soon.