Akshay Kumar’s unreasonable demand

Very recently a bronze statue of late actor Rajesh Khanna was unveiled at Bandstand, Mumbai. A particular channel was covering the entire ceremony and the interviews related to the same event.

Akshay Kumar, who is known to be humble and a thorough professional, had promised full cooperation to the organizers of the event. The channel spent hefty sum on the promotions and the main event. As the main event date came closer, organizers noticed a 360 degree change in the behavior and the attitude of Akshay Kumar.

On the day tribute was paid to the veteran actor and father in law of Akshay Kumar, Akshay put forward an indecent and unreasonable demand in front of the organizers.

First Akshay interfered with the order of events at the ceremony. He demanded changes in the setting of stage. He also rearranged order of speeches. He thoroughly enquired about the celebrities to be present at the event. Then finally he came up with a weird suggestion.

Akshay had initially given a green signal to a family interview that included wife Twinkle Khanna, Mother in law, Dimple Kapadia and sister in law, Rinkie Khanna. They were supposed to talk about Rajesh Khanna and his memories in their heart. But on the final day, Akshay made an indecent clause. He said that he would agree for a family interview only when a hot and seductive international anchor hosts the interview. He did not want any anchor from India. Time and again he emphasized on hot and sexy quotient of the anchor. He also suggested a few names.

The channel had till now agreed to all his demands and were making last moment changes. Finally, the channel refused his bizarre demand of getting an international anchor and hence lost out on the family interview. Akshay is a family man. He should have kept his demands low and a little realistic.

Finally the ceremony took place without an interview. The statue showed one of the iconic poses of Rajesh Khanna from his movie ‘Anand’. Akshay praised the statue and said, “It is a nice statue. It means freedom and happiness...the balloons signify that one should always be free in life.”
Dimple Kapadia said, “Kakaji was an enigma. He lived and died on his own terms. His contribition to cinema was unparalleled. He was a superstar. His courage, bravery and fearlessness even in the time of death can't be forgotten. He was Anand and he lived like Anand. Life with him was like a rollercoaster.”