Akshay Kumar’s next based on Hollywood thriller ‘Argo’

Bollywood has often adopted the indianized versions of a number of Hollywood plots. The trend is all set to continue with the next project directed by Neeraj Pandey and starring the action hero Akshay Kumar. According to a source in Bollywood, “Getting inspired by various Hollywood films is not new to Bollywood. The latest one to join this bandwagon is Neeraj Pandey, whose next film with Akshay Kumar is apparently based on Ben Affleck’s Academy Award winning film, ‘Argo’.”

Pandey had successfully teamed up with Akshay Kumar last in the film ‘Special 26’. The film received a high level of appreciation from both the audience and the critics. Now, the duo is all set to bring to life the story of the spy thriller ‘Argo’ which was directed by Ben Affleck and which got the award for the best film in the 85th Oscars. According to the source, “Shooting for the film has already started. This film is expected to release next year in January.” It will probably be released on the Republic Day weekend of 2015. Another of Akshay’s films, ‘Gabbar’ is also set to be released at the same time. So, the actor will be competing against himself next January.

While no official announcement has been made about the title of the film, according to certain rumors, the title of the film may be ‘Baby’. The film is now being shot in Thampel in Kathmandu, Nepal. This news was officially confirmed by Manoj Kesi – the managing director of Nepal Films Technical Association. Mr. Kesi said, “I was there yesterday. He helped Rs. 15000 rupees to NEFTA. We also requested necessary assistance to the team. I saw there written ‘Baby’ in clamp so perhaps film’s title is Baby”. However, the title has not officially been confirmed.

Neeraj Pandey had also directed the critically acclaimed suspense thriller ‘A Wednesday’. In addition to the plot of ‘Argo’, this is building up a lot of expectations in the minds of the audience. While the film is not exactly a remake of the Hollywood thriller, it is probably going to follow the plot on general lines. The original plot of the Hollywood film is based on a mission by terrorists where diplomats are taken hostage and are later rescued through a daring plot. It remains to be seen how Pandey adapts this story line to the Indian situation.