Akshay Kumar will train his daughter in martial arts

Rising protests in the Delhi gang rape case and the amount of rape cases increasing in the country each day has had a tremendous impact on the minds of the Indian parents. People, especially women have started feeling that the world is not a safe place anymore. This Christmas, the chief minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar has raised his voice in favor of the protests led against the protection of women.

 He urged the women and girls of India to learn martial arts in order to increase her own security. This will be able to help the girls defend themselves. Famous Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has put forward his support for Nitish Kumar’s decision and has decided that he would train his own daughter, Nitara, in various forms of martial arts when she will grow up. The daughter is just a newborn right now.

 Akshay is of the view that self defense is the dire need of the hour for all women if they want to stay safely. He has said that when his daughter will turn the right age, he will take the responsibility himself to train her in martial arts. It is essential that every woman in India and across the world should be trained for self defense. The actor talked about this point, adding that each and every father of the country, who wants to safeguard his daughter, must do the like for her.

 The fact that the mental strength of women is much more than the men is sure. Since they already are mentally stronger, the country should take up the challenge of making them physically strong as well. This will make them self dependant.

 Akshay himself is a trained martial arts actor. He was won a black belt in India for Taekwondo. He went to Bangkok to further study martial arts. There he took detailed studies on a combat sport of Thailand, Muay Thai. Akshay has said that the proclamation by Nitish Kumar is absolutely right. He himself wanted to do something of the same sort since many years. The actor has been trying to include martial arts in the curriculum of various schools in India. He says that it is necessary to be trained in army for every civilian of Singapore. Hence, in India too girls should be trained in some form self defending technique.

 Currently he is also doing a big budget movie, which focuses on combat sports. It will start shooting in the coming year.