Akshay Kumar wants people to pay their taxes on time

In the financial year 2008-2009 Akshay Kumar was the highest taxpayer as he had paid over Rs 30 crore last year and leave behind king of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan  

According to a close source to Akshay Kumar the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) decided to rope him in to feature in a TV ad urging people to pay taxes honestly and on time. "The CBEC was of the opinion that no other B-Town star could convey the message of tax compliance better than Akshay who for the last four years has been diligently paying his service tax in advance."  
"Akshay Kumar has a sturdy dependable image -- professionally and personally -- which people relate to. While his image at the box office is successful, his image as a father and family man too has been excellent. Akshay has always been meticulous when it comes to paying his taxes and is willing to help in encouraging fellow citizens to do the same." Source added.  
Additional Commissioner, Customs & Central Excise, CBEC was highly impressed with the integrity of Akshay Kumar, "In 2008-2009, Akshay Kumar emerged the highest Bollywood tax payer. We approached Mr Kumar to feature in the ad since to us he was someone who could represent the message of paying one's taxes on time -- something that is every citizen's duty. He has great appeal and being a superstar, he can really help encourage people to pay taxes honestly and on time." Additional Commissioner added.