Akshay Kumar unbuttoned in Levi's ad

Action king Akshay Kumar has been signed as the brand ambassador of Levi's jeans. He will shoot for the ad in the exotic locales of Los Angeles with foreign supermodel Saira S. Akki will be launching the 501(R) Jean which is a brand new form of the first pair of jeans that carried the tag Live unbuttoned.

When contacted, Akshay confirms, "The word unbuttoned appealed to me. Unbuttoning is not an act but an attitude. Though it was hectic, I involved myself in this. The word unbuttoned has a meaning for me. I saw all the international ads that they have shot for the 501 button fly and being a part of this was certainly exciting. I am very selective in choosing the brands I endorse. The image and positioning of the brand is of utmost importance. Everything else is secondary."

According to the sources, Akki has been offered 12-15 crores for the campaign. The concept is totally new and signifies freedom. The ad will go on air very soon.