Akshay Kumar signs a four-film package with Reliance Group

Akshay Kumar’s recent hits like Aitraaz, Waqt, Deewane Huye Paagal and Garam Masala have increased his super star status in bollywood. Many producers and directors are queuing up to sign on this rising star in their films. Reliance Adlabs has approached Akshay Kumar to sign a four-film contract with them.
Reliance Group in association with Adlabs wants to sign Akshay for a four-film contract. According to sources, the company has made a tentative offer of 15-18 crores for this deal. The contract is to begin with Vipul Shah’s film followed by three other films. Manmohan Shetty, CEO of Adlabs confirms the deal saying, “Yes, we are considering Akshay Kumar for a tie up. But we are still in the process of reaching a decision about the price and will be in a better position to talk about the project once he signs on the dotted line.” He also stated that it would be a big project.

However, industry sources claim that Akshay has already agreed to be a part of the project and the formalities are presently being completed. This project will mark a new beginning in bollywood. It will give rise to the Studio System, where a star is signed on for more than one film at a time. This system is quiet popular in Hollywood, where stars like Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are part of this system. Akshay will be the first bollywood actor to bring the Studio System to bollywood.

Akshay will be able to choose all four of his films. He will also be able to have a say in the director and scripts that he wants to work with. Although Akshay was unable to talk about the deal at present, as it was too early to make a comment, he did not deny the contract. We wish the actor loads of luck and success for his forthcoming films.