Akshay Kumar receives flak for his turbaned look in Singh is King

Vipul Shah is currently shooting in Australia for his film Singh is King along with his entire cast and crew. Akshay Kumar as well Katrina Kaif having been shooting out there for a long shooting schedule. In the film, Akshay plays a Sikh and a lot of prominence has been given to his bejeweled turban. However recently while shooting in Australia, the makers faced a lot of problems. Firstly, the paparazzi media out there landed on the sets and began clicking exclusive pictures of Akki in his turban. Later when pics of Akki’s turbaned look surfaced on the net, several Sikhs in Australia seemed miffed with the manner in which Akshay has worn the turban.
The paparazzi clicking pictures of Akshay shooting for the film in his turban has caused a lot of problems. Director Vipul Shah was obviously not happy that his characters look for the film was being revealed and hence barred the paparazzi from clicking picture on the sets of the film. Moreover what has caused Vipul Shah even more problems is that after seeing the pictures, several local Sikhs have taken an objection to Akki’s look. Vipul Shah defends the film saying “Some people have praised Akshay’s look, while others have criticized it. They shouldn’t as it’s not the correct look. We have got a local Sikh who’s supervising and guiding us on how the turban is worn. We are not here to hurt anybody’s feelings.” Moreover Vipul claims that since Akshay is himself a Punjabi, he won’t wear an inappropriate turban. The film aims to show that Sikhs are kings.

The director claims that 50 percent of the film has already been shot and now the cast and crew will shoot the remaining portion of the film in Mumbai, Egypt and Punjab respectively. Recently Akshay and Katrina’s family joined them in Australia to celebrate Diwali. Akshay and Katrina continue to be a couple in demand on-screen; they will also be seen in Anees Bazmee’s film Welcome soon.