Akshay Kumar open to do sex comedy

Akshay Kumar has long established himself as the master of the action-comedy genre in Bollywood. Armed with martial arts training, Akshay first arrived on the scene in Bollywood as an action hero. But later on in his career he very successfully transitioned into comedy with films like ‘Hera Pheri’. At this moment he is one of the busiest stars in the Bollywood industry.

Now he is working on no less than six projects, ‘Holiday’, ‘Its Entertainment’, ‘Gabbar’, ‘Warrior’, ‘Singh is Bling’ and ‘Baby’. The genre of the upcoming films range from action to romantic but Akshay seems to want even more variety. The actor has recently stated that he is willing to do a sex-comedy if the script is good enough. But isn’t he worried about the fact that in Bollywood, sex comedies are generally looked down upon as cheap thrills. The 46 year actor has clearly stated to the media his view in this regard, “If I get a good script, I will also do it. At the end of the day, it’s just a film. It’s just a character that you are following. You do not become a sex maniac or anything as such. Take a film as a film let it be reel not real.”

The actor is pragmatic about choosing roles and also had a few things to say to the audiences, “Nobody is forcing you to watch such films. ‘Grand Masti’ did well at the box office, but if you don’t like it then don’t watch it.”  He also added that the actors acting is such movies should be confident and convinced about themselves, “if it’s a sex comedy don’t feel shy what the audience will think and all! If you are making such a film, trust yourself and go with your conviction rather than thinking about you will lose few audiences with this film.”

Sex comedy as a genre is very popular in Hollywood. Films like the ‘American Pie’ series and ‘Sex and city’, are very popular around the world and has done really well at the box office.   In Bollywood there are some instances like ‘Kyaa Kool Hain Hum’ and the recent ‘Grand Masti’ which despite being panned critically, have done well at the box office. But there is still some way to go for the industry before it accepts the genre with a more open mind. Akshay Kumar on the other hand is one of very few top stars who have some familiarity with the genre because of his work in the film ‘Garam Masala’.