Akshay Kumar in footsteps of Charlie Chaplin

Character of Akshay Kumar in Housefull is inspired by Charlie Chaplin. Once again take a cue from the immortal tramp to play an unlucky lover boy in Anees Bazmee’s upcoming venture Thank You. In fact, the Chaplin element has been introduced into the character on Akshay’s suggestion. The actor was smitten by the comic genius ever since he started checking out Chaplin’s works.  
“It’s quite clear to me that the audience wants to see me in comic roles and films. But how long could I continue doing slapstick? I need to change the mood and rhythm of my comedy and was looking for ways of taking comedy in my films forward. Chaplin made me realize how much pathos lay hidden behind attempts at laughter. Now if I have to do comedy, I’ll do it the Chaplin way,” said Akshay.  
Director Sajid was super confident of Housefull, though Akshay was apprehensive. “I asked Sajid very emphatically whether he was sure about what he’s doing. Because if the role didn’t work, then for the next five years, in every awards function and star night, I’d be making an entry to the song He’s such a loser. I think there’s a lot of emotion behind the kind of loser Chaplin played. Yes, he’s my role model and reference point for now.”  Akshay Kumar added.