Akshay Kumar has reportedly signed a Yash Raj film for Rs.12 crores

Akshay Kumar has been on a constant high with his professional life as most of his recent films have been hits at the box-office. The actor is also receiving recognition for his good performances and he has become quiet popular overseas. Naturally Akshay's market price for his films too has increased. According to sources, Yash Raj Films is quiet happy with Akshay's performance in Tashan and hence Aditya Chopra has signed on Akki for another film for Rs.12 crores.
Akshay Kumar is finally being appreciated and given his due in the film industry. Many producers and directors want to sign Akshay as they feel he is a bankable actor who delivers at the box office. After a gap of several years Akshay was offered a film by the prestigious Yash Raj banner. Akshay was signed on for the film Tashan for a reported Rs.5 crores and another film for the same amount. Akki had signed a two film package with Yash Raj Films for a reported Rs.10 crores. A major portion of Tashan has been shot and Aditya Chopra is quiet impressed with Akki's performance. Hence the two supposedly recently met up and Aditya offered Akki another film, but this time round since Aditya was well aware of Akshay's rising market price, he offered him Rs.12 crores for the film.

Akshay has been quoting Rs.10-15 crores to other producers but he is smart and hence has not demanded the same huge sum from big banners. But instead he prefers that the big banners themselves realize his worth and offer him good films with good remuneration.

Meanwhile Akshay Kumar's film Welcome is up for release soon. The film will be one of Akshay's last comedy films for some time as he will be switching to more action oriented roles in the coming year. Akshay has also been accused of changing the promos for the film Welcome as well as the title track . Akshay also had a problem with senior actor Anil Kapoor, as both wanted their names to appear before the other in the film credits. According to sources Akshay tried to manipulate good friend Firoz Nadiadwala to put his name at the top of the credit list. However Nadiadwala did not give in and instead decided to arrange the credits in terms of seniority. Hence the credits will feature senior most actor of the film Feroz Khan first followed by Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor and finally Akshay Kumar. However Firoz Nadiadwala denied the story of Akshay trying to make him put his name before Anil's and said "Akshay himself has told me to put his name fourth in the list."