Akshay Kumar gifts a Tag Heuer to Sajid Khan

Extremely talented actor Akshay Kumar is so impressed with director Sajid Khan for the way his film "Housefull" has turned out to be that he gifted him a limited edition Tag Heuer watch to Sajid.   
According to sources "Akshay Kumar watched a couple of scenes of the film and loved it. After viewing those few scenes there is no doubt in his mind that the film will do well. He gifted Sajid Khan a watch to show his appreciation," said sources. The romantic comedy is a story of normal people caught in abnormal situations sparked off by a white lie. The film stars Deepika Padukone, Ritesh Deshmukh, Lara Dutta, Jiah Khan and Arjun Rampal apart from Akshay.

Sajid Khan also denies reports that his upcoming film 'Housefull' matches a scene from Hollywood comedy 'The Hangover', stating that he is not dumb enough to rip off a scene from a film which is a recent hit. The scene in question involves a tiger. Ever since the promos of the Akshay Kumar-Lara Dutta starrer hit the screens, rumour mills started buzzing that Sajid has lifted the particular scene from 'The Hangover'. 'I could see these accusations coming. Yes, there is a tiger in the house, but I'm not dumb enough to rip off a scene from a recent hit film, tweak my original screenplay of 'Housefull' to forcibly incorporate it and then show it to the audience through promos so that rumour mongers can start debating about a lift from 'The Hangover',' Sajid said.