Akshay Kumar gets death threats from underworld

Recently, a number of cases of extortion calls from the underworld have been witnessed and it seems underworld is again targeting the film industry. The latest celebrity to get deaths from underworld is Akshay Kumar.  The star was warned with dire consequences. An application about the threat has been sent to Juhu police from the actor’s office on October 22nd and following which Akshay was given police protection. Akshay Kumar played Dawoed Ibrahim in Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara’.

Akshay was threatened to get killed if he does not fulfill their demands. Police is investigating the case

Off late, many celebrities received death threats from underworld. Singer Sonu Nigam gets threat from Chhota Shakeel, a member of Dawood Ibrahim’s gang asking him to cancel his deal with an event management company and sign up with one chosen by him. The firm is handling his world tour next year.  Producer Boney Kapoor recently lodged a police complaint regarding the same. Filmmaker Karan Johar has recently received extortion calls and following which he was provided protection.

Producer-director Ram Gopal Varma whose latest film ‘Satya 2’ based on underworld was due for release was reportedly threatened by Chhota Shakeel a few days back. It seems the underworld is not very impressed with the caption of the poster which reads, “Dawood Ibrahim has retired, Chota Rajan has become inactive, Abu Salem is in jail.... Coming to reinvent the underworld.” This might have irked Shakeel, who then threatened RGV for challenging his supremacy.

RGV tweeted, “On basis of an intercepted conversation Mumbai police gave me security..for various reasons I cant duvulge the contents of the threat. For some important reasons I cannot comment on whether or not this threat to me is related to the content of Satya 2 (sic).”