Akshay Kumar bonds with mom-in-law Dimple Kapadia

Akshay Kumar was spotted spending quality time with his mother-in-law and veteran actress Dimple Kapadia during the launch of the music of Marathi film 'Kaul Manacha' in Mumbai.

Dimple and Akshay looks like a perfect mother-in-law and son-in-law. They had a great time together and clicked having a chat.

Dimple shares a great bond with her Akshay and when she was once asked how supportive is Akshay, she replied, “Akshay Kumar is more than a son to me. What I love about him is that there is never a dull moment with him. He is always up to some nonsense. I remember once I was trying to call a pandit (priest) and called Akshay instead.

I didn’t see the number properly and dialled it incorrectly. Someone answered in a sleepy voice and said ‘ek kaam karo apne jamai ki puri seva karo’ (Serve your son-in-law). That’s when I realised it was Akshay and not the pandit. He is mad and very naughty and I love that.‘Akshay is always up to some Nonsense’”.