Akshay Kumar back as 'Khiladi 786' after 12 years

Akshay Kumar is the original ‘Khiladi’ of Bollywood. He is a topnotch action star of India and he often referred to as Khiladi Kumar. Now after 12 years, he is back to woo the audience again with next installment of Khiladi. The film titled ‘Khiladi 786’.

"I never thought I will be doing one more (film) ‘Khiladi’ because for quite a few years action films were out of fashion and I was also doing comedy films. This is my eighth Khiladi film... After almost 12 years I am doing a khiladi film. So you call it my comeback as a Khiladi," Akshay told reporters in Mumbai at the trailer launch of the film in Mumbai.

"I feel great about it. It had never gone away from me, I always used to take risks and its great because Khiladi is a word which means a player, a sportsman. You can connect it with anything, so its great coming back to it," he said.

Khiladi 786 will be directed by debutant Ashish R Mohan, who assisted Rohit Shetty in ‘Golmaal’ series. It stars Akshay, Asin, Paresh Rawal and Himesh Reshammiya in lead roles.

"786 mean something which has to do with your destiny. Muslims use 786 as a substitute for the phrase ‘in the name of Allah’. And Khiladi 786 is an action comedy film which you will enjoy," Akshay said.

Akshay thanked the director duo Abbas-Mustan, who directed Khiladi and producers – Ratan Jain and Keshu Ramsay who made series of Khiladi.

“It was Abbas-Mustan who believed in me when I started my career in this film industry. I would thank them for earning this tag. Wherever I go everyone calls me with this name only. I would also like to thank Ratan Jain and Keshu Ramsay who have given me many Khiladi films," he said.

“I did so many Khiladi films and I also did a television show called Khatron Ke Khiladi. I am happy to be part of all these things,” he said.

Akshay said he will pass the Khildai tag to his son, "In Bollywood, may be after 24 years I will pass this tag to my son."

Music composer-turned-singer-producer Himesh Reshammiya praised Akshay to the heavens.

"I think there is only one khiladi in this industry and that is Akshay Kumar. It is the only brand which has been ruling the box office since long. And in Khiladi 786 you will see an entertaining Akshay Kumar..different from what you have seen in Oh My God!,” Himesh, who is the co-producer of the film, said.

"My collaboration with Akshay goes a long way. We worked together in Namastey London and the music of the film along with the film became a blockbuster," he said.