Akshay Keeps His Children Away From The Limelight

Akshay Kumar, one of the leading figures of Bollywood also happens to be a caring father. Coming from a regular middle class background, the superstar actor has strong family values and wants to keep his children away from the constant media glare that he faces. Unlike some stars like Shahrukh Khan who is regularly seen with his children at public events, Akshay rarely exposes his children to the media. Akshay and wife Twinkle are proud parents of 14 year old son Aarav and 2 year old daughter Nitara. Akshay also admitted recently that it is a deliberate attempt on his part to keep his children away from the limelight.

 The actor, riding high on the good run of his latest film ‘Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty’, was speaking to the media on the eve of Father’s day and talked at length about his children and the joy of fatherhood. Akshay said, "I think it is better to keep children away from being seen everywhere - in newspapers and all. I want to give them a normal childhood."  He also talked at length about the feelings of being a father. The 46 year old actor added, "It's absolutely a delight, it's the biggest joy for any father. Earlier, when I used to finish my shoot, I wasn't really interested in going home. But after my kids were born, I wait to finish work so that I can rush home and spend time with them…. I want to hear them calling me daddy, dad, dada. The happiness is something that I can never measure.”

 After the birth of his daughter in 2012, Akshay had tweeted, "There is no greater feeling in life than holding your baby for the first time. I wish I could express more about how HAPPY I am right now, but I'm at a loss of words.” Akshay’s wife Twinkle quit acting to take better care of the family. Despite his packed schedule Akshay doesn’t ever ignore family and regularly spends time with his children. Every year during the winter holidays in December, Akshay usually spends time with his wife, children and mother-in law Dimple Kapadia at their beach bungalow in Goa.  The relationship between Akshay and Twinkle has seen its ups and downs over the years but both of them were determined not to let the children get affected. Today the family of four is a very closely knit uni