Akshay Kumar hits a police car

Bollywood stunt hero Akshay Kumar is in news again. Though he is awesome in performing action scenes, this time he slightly went wrong and ended up hitting a police car. While shooting a scene for his upcoming film, ‘Thank You’, Akshay Kumar went wrong in road and accidentally hit a police car. The incident took place in Canada and Akki had to pay fine to the cops.

A unit member said, “It was a simple shot where Akshay had to reverse his car and then move forward. The camera was set across the road to get a proper shot and the unit members were there too. There were a couple of retakes from different angles. Akshay did not realise that a cop had parked his car behind him. So while giving another take, Akshay hit the police car.”

Though the director and other unit member tried to explain to the police that they were shooting for a film and unintentionally they were hit by the actor, the police refused to listen to them and charged fine for the incident.

The source added, “The cop refused to listen to Akshay. The unit saw the commotion and rushed to the other side, but the cop had already cut the ticket and demanded a fine. Akshay had no choice but to cough up the fine. The unit and director Anees Bazmee explained to the cop that it was for a shot.

The cop ended up laughing but he had already fined Akshay. He then spoke to everyone in the unit and even clicked a picture with Akshay on his cell phone. Akshay jokingly told Anees that this is his first ticket ever and he is sad that he got it in Canadaand not India.”

Anees Bazmee confirmed the incident and said, “Yes, Akshay got a ticket. He didn’t realise that a car had come and parked behind him. We are enjoying teasing Akshay about getting his first ticket.”