Akshay comes to Shilpa’s mind prior to her wedding

Shilpa Shetty drafted her guest list very carefully and made sure that her ex-lover Akshay Kumar was not invited. But in spite of Akshay’s absence, everyone including Shilpa Shetty felt his presence. Interestingly, before the pheras the brass band began to play the music of Shilpa Shetty and Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Dhadkan’. Not only Shilpa but all attendees reacted to the music and some members of Shetty and Kundra’s family run up to the band and strictly warned them playing Akshay Kumar’s music.

Confirming the report, an eyewitness said, "The band members were shocked and were wondering what went wrong. They looked quizzically at the people who were ordering them to stop the music of ‘Dhadkan’ but all that they got in return were harsh glares.

“At this point they were categorically told, `Akshay ki film ka gaana mat bajao`."

"They started playing a fresh batch of songs only around 5 pm, and this time, of course, they didn’t have any Akshay song on their list. It was quite a hilarious situation. Imagine the crestfallen band on one side and the livid guys who came running out from the bungalow. We wonder what was going on in Shilpa and Raj`s mind at that moment when this incident happened," adds the eyewitness.

Except those small little incidents everything was fine and Shilpa-Raj's marriage was solemnized with gaiety.