Akshay breaks Bigg Boss rule

Akshay Kumar behaved naughty in Bigg Boss by violating Bigg Boss rules. The participants were asked to pen down letter to their family and friends and Akshay Kumar was asked to deliver the mail of the lucky winner but Akki on looking at the sad faces picked up all the letters and decided to deliver all of them.

His unplanned act has been able to bring smile to participants face but at the same time he annoyed Bigg Boss by violating his rules. Akki acted against Big Boss rule book because he felt pity for the house members as they were away from their family from 40 days and do not have access to films, TV or newspapers.

Akshay Kumar did what his heart has told him to do because he was not bound to follow Bigg Boss rules.

This is Akki’s second appearance on Bigg Boss as he first appeared to promote his film ‘Blue’ and now he appeared to speak about his next release, ‘De Dana Dan’.