Ajaz threatened by Armaan in ‘Bigg Boss 7’

As usual the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ is a centre of politics and controversy. The day started with a wake up song on which a few inmates danced.

Sangram recently got into a heated argument with Armaan Kohli. Sangram was saddened and later he told Tanishaa that he was sad with Armaan’s behavior. However, forgetting the argument, Sangram wanted to apologize to Armaan. But Armaan, on the other hand, is not ready to bury the differences. He feels that Sangarm is playing politics and is double faced. He even tells Tanishaa to pass on a message to Sangram to stay away from Armaan and not to rub him the wrong way.

Andy and Armaan are from yellow party. They are discussing pink party and their strategies. They are talking that Pink party has played dirty politics to influence housemates to their team by switching sides. These two also warn Candy and Sofia to stay away from their team mates.

The kitchen of the house remains a problem area. Now, when Elli enters kitchen to cook omelets, Gauhar makes faces. Culinary skills of Elli are appreciated by housemates. Her omelets are especially popular. Gauhar hates this fact. Gauhar, Pratyusha and Kamya make fun of Elli. Elli is sad about this. Later she tells Tanishaa that the three ladies team up against her and avoid eating anything cooked by her. To this, Tanishaa explains her that the three ladies are jealous of Elli and her cooking.

Ajaz Khan talks to Sangram and tells him that despite all the luxuries showered on Armaan, he is one of the most unsuccessful people.

The pink team steals yellow bands from bathroom area. Everyone comes to know this. Tanishaa who is from the other team, calls pink team robbers and cheaters. She uses cheap gimmick. Sofia, however controls the situation and suggests the team mates to cut the band in two halves so that each one can have a band.

Andy, who is from yellow team, changes his band color to pink to know the real game of the pink team. But when Ajaz calls him to discuss the plan, he refuses to go.

Later the teams are asked to deliver a speech each in favor of their party. An ugly war of words breaks between Sofia and Ajaz and Ajaz threatens her by telling that he will reveal secrets about her. To this Armaan gets angry and Ajaz and Armaan had a bad fight.