Ajay Devgan Talks About the Criterion for Sequels

Ajay Devgan is a popular Bollywood hero and part of the elite 100 crore movie club. However, he doesn’t consider it as an indication of success. Ajay states that, "I don't think (100 crore) is a parameter. We all know which film is good and which film has worked because of the time of release be it Diwali, Eid or whatever and which film really deserves a sequel. That is why sequels of those films cannot be made."

Though Ajay didn’t mention any name, it is fairly well known that the three Khans of Bollywood prefer certain holidays to release their films. Shahrukh Khan prefers the Diwali release, Salman Khan releases his movies on Eid and Aamir Khan loves the Christmas slot for film releases. We wonder whether the comment was a dig at them!

Ajay Devgan is all set to release the sequel of his hit film ‘Singham’ on the Independence Day this year. A confident Ajay tells that he is not bothered about any competition for the top spot in Bollywood and states, "Everybody knows (of my work). When you see the list of hits they are huge. It doesn't matter to me. It has just become a style to take one name. But we have all been here for the past 25 years in the industry and doing well and surviving here. "I am 45 and I am doing what young kids are doing so I think you can't take that away."

When asked about the competition posed by the new swarm of Bollywood actors to the veterans of the industry, Ajay remarked, "We are talking about the young crop of actors that have come up in the last 2-3 years. But it has been so difficult in the past 25 years for someone to come and establish themselves and we have been here. So, audience takes their time and who has the capability they accept him. It is not that easy."

Speaking about his much anticipated upcoming film ‘Singham Returns’, a nostalgic Ajay recounted his relation with the director of the film, Rohit Shetty. He said, "I can't even explain the journey... it has been 23 years. He came as a young assistant director when I started my first film 'Phool Aur Kaante'. How the journey has gone we don't know. (Our relationship) has kept on progressing since he directed his first film 'Zameen'."

We wish Ajay all the best for his film.