Ajay Devgan claims controversial remarks not meant to offend SRK, Aamir

Ajay Devgan has begun the New Year on a good note with Halla Bol. A film with a social message, it was appreciated and Ajay received good feedback for his performance in the film. However a new controversy has been raked up with the film. According to several sources, Ajay has made scathing remarks indirectly in Halla Bol to his contemporaries like Shahrukh and Aamir. It has been reported that Ajay's scathing remarks have irked the Khans.
In Halla Bol, some indirect references were made to SRK performing at famous personality's lavish weddings. In the film, Sameer Khan's (Ajay) secretary pokes fun at a particular Khan who is set to dance as part of celebrations at I.N.Mittal's daughter's lavish wedding. In real life too SRK and Saif Ali Khan had performed at the million pound wedding of Vanisha Mittal in Paris. There was also another reference to a Khan who was cheating on his wife. Reportedly sources claim that these remarks were made in poor taste and the superstars were no doubt upset about them. Ajay himself does not perform at weddings and has made this quite clear to one and all. But Ajay is not upset with the media for blowing up this controversy on the film, he says "No. I am not upset as its good promotion for the film. To people who think that we have referred to them, then all I can say is, it’s your guilty conscience talking. We haven’t taken any names. But I don’t think Aamir and Shahrukh are upset."

Meanwhile the New Year will hopefully continue on an exciting note with the release of Ajay's next film Sunday which is a comic thriller. Ajay is excited to play a cop with comic timing in Sunday, he says "There are lots of hilarious sequences in Sunday especially the one where Mukesh Tiwari and I are having a conversation while interrogating some people.” But despite actors like Arshad and Irrfan Khan who are known for their comic timing in the film, Ajay is not insecure. He says "Everybody has his own place in the film. Also I don’t get insecure while sharing screen space."

Ajay is also excited about his directorial debut sometime in April this year, where he will also be seen acting alongside wife Kajol. About his directorial debut, U, Me Aur Hum, Ajay says "It’s about what I believe in and about love, maybe with some of my experiences interwoven through the years.” Ajay is not nervous about his directorial venture, he simply states "It’s not about being confident, but I am not insecure either. I don’t know if the audience will like the film. I made something from my heart. It is completely commercial with lots of humour and all kinds of emotions." But it seems that the directorial venture is not just a one time thing and Ajay already has a few ideas about his next project. Ajay said "I have an idea and am toying with it; I am working on the scripts." So this seems to be quite an interesting year ahead for Ajay and he is no doubt looking forward to it.