'Aiyyaa' all set to entertain the audiences at the theatres

Romantic comedy is a genre that is a favourite among most cine-goers. It does not lie heavily on melodrama and also is not a no-brainer. Today people want to watch films that they can enjoy without involving themselves into the drama that goes on, on the celluloid. Audiences favour light-hearted films which they can watch objectively and return to the humdrum lives.

Aiyyaa” is a film that belongs to this genre. What can be assumed from the promos is that the film is embracing the Marathi and Tamil culture. The tad bit of the film that the audiences have got a glimpse of promises to be quite refreshing and unique from whatever has been seen before. This film is all geared to get released on the 12th of October. Let us peruse through some of the film’s features that is going in its favour.


The film revolves around Meenakshi Deshpande, played by Rani Mukherji. She plays the role of a typical Marthi girl ingrained with all the qualities and quirkiness typical to that culture. She falls in love with the Tamil superstar named Surya, played by Prithviraj. Therefore, the film brings together the Tamil and Marathi cultural admixture which is sure to cause a laugh-riot.


The film stars Rani Mukerji. Her last film, “No One Killed Jessica” released in 2011. This film is releasing after almost 1½ years and this is sure to be a matter of excitement for her fans.

Rani has had a very successful film career. She has too many films to her credit. She proved her mettle in acting-oriented films like “Black” and also did commercial films such as “Hum Tum”. She is one of the very few female actors who can carry an entire film all by her talent and star-power. “Aiyyaa” is going to be just that.

It is also after a long time that the audiences are going to see Rani play such a facetious role as a Marathi girl. She will showcase her comic timing in this film and we are sure she will take her audiences by surprise.

Prithviraj Sukumaram is a Southern star. He is the same actor who played the character of Dev in Mani Ratnam’s “Raavan”. He is an actor of tremendous talent. He fits the bill in this film quite well. He has the physique and the star presence that is needed for his role in the film.

Director- Sachin Kundalkar is directing this film. He is a Marathi film director with tremendous credibility. This is the first time he is directing a Hindi language film. His short films and documentaries have always been accepted by the critics.

Songs- The song “Dreamum Wakepum” was the first one to get released. It sounds totally different from anything close to a Bollywood song and this is exactly what has worked for the song. It has a Tamil touch to it and yet has the beats that make it popular amongst the youth.

The other song to have got released has been “Sava Dollar” where we see Rani doing a lavani which the film would have been incomplete without as she plays a Marathi girl.

Also the song where we see Rani in a completely different avatar is “Aga Bai”. She performs the tough moves of belly dancing for the first time and does it like a professional.

Rani has proved her grit time and again. Prithviraj too is a sought-after actor. Rani playing a quirky and peculiar role is surely going to be a favourable point that will help her cater to her niche-audience and also to the masses. Thus “Aiyyaa” has high chances of doing good business.