Aishwarya trolled for kissing Aaradhya on lips, celebs react

Trolls have crossed their limit. It is totally shameful on the part of the trollers to criticize Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for kissing her doting daughter Aaradhya on lips. Trollers have no brain to understand a mother’s love for their children. A mother can express their love for their children in any form.

When Aishwarya kissed Aaradhya on lips at the recent Cannes event, trollers targeted the mother saying it is an indecent form of expressing maternal love.

If we go back then we will recall that Aishwarya is not the only celebrities who was trolled for way of expressing love to her close one. Pooja Bhatt was once targeted for kissing her father Mahesh Bhatt. When quipped, Pooja quickly reacted, “Since when does a mother need permission from the world to kiss her child?”

Dia Mirza too shamed the trollers. “Since when was a mother’s display of affection a reason for trolling? This is absurd.”

While Aishwarya chose to maintain a dignified silence on the issue, a source close to the Bachchan family says it’s upsetting. “To be targeted for every innocent gesture, just because you are who you are, is a little unfair. Aishwarya has stayed away from social media for this reason only. She knew her every move would be monitored and judged. She hates it. But she will never dignify the trolls with a response,” says the source.