Aishwarya to play the strong but manipulative daughter-in-law in Sarkar 2

Aishwarya is extremely excited about her role in Sarkar 2 as she will be playing her real-life character of a daughter-in-law to Amitabh and wife to Abhishek. However Ash will not play the docile daughter-in-law or doting wife like her real life role. Instead her character is that of a strong and manipulative woman who helps her husband run their underworld business. Ash is playing a character with grey shades but she does not have a completely negative role in the film.
Ramgopal Varma’s sequel, Sarkar 2 will star Amitabh as the old father-in-law who reminisces about how he ran their underworld business and shares stories with his son. But the mantle of ‘Godfather’ has been passed on to his son Abhishek who has taken charge as patriarch of the family and their underworld dealings. However the major focus will now shift to Aishwarya, who plays Abhishek’s wife in the film who will soon adopt the role of a strong matriarch in the power wielding Nagre family. Ash will be seen as a dutiful wife and daughter-in-law supporting her husband but at the same time she will also be seen as Abhishek’s pillar of strength who takes charge of the situation when the need arises. Sources claim “The plot has Aishwarya masterminding strategies to retain the family’s monopoly in different underworld businesses. Abhishek will be shown as falling back on his wife in times of crisis. Ash will be seen as a shrewd woman. However she is not a negative character, she loves her family and at the same time she can be ruthless when it comes to dealing with wayward characters.”

So while Abhi will play the ‘godfather’ known to all, Ash will play ‘godmother’ holding the back reins. Ash has played a negative character before, but this will be different as she will be playing a bit of her real life role too. Ash will supposedly once again sport minimal make-up. Recently rumours also claim that Ash was first offered an item number in Sarkar 2, but she turned it down and to her good luck she got a much more meatier role. So will Ash-Abhi be able to create, the Guru magic where they played husband-wife once more in Sarkar 2?