Aishwarya’s special bond with Mani Ratnam

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shares a very special relationship with director Mani Ratnam. She debuted with Mani Ratnam’s ‘Iruvar’ and comes a long way with him up to ‘Ravan’, a modern interpretation of epic Ramayana. Ash’s working experience with Mani has been fabulous and feels that ‘Ravan’ is a landmark in her career.

‘Ravan’ has many special moment specially the A.R Rahman’s compositions ‘Rancha’ playing at the background of the action sequences. It’s a new experiment and the innovation seems fabulous.

Ash says, “To me it will always be a recall of a very fiery, feisty experience again on hearing it. One would have imagined of this the way Mani would visualise it but it’s incredible how he has brought about this inherent passion turmoil storm within individuals and within interpersonal energy within these two characters in the given situation.”

The actor adds, “I thoroughly enjoyed it because of the experience of physically having this kind of encounter which you can calla kind ofaction sequence but a very passionate one again. Santosh (Sivan) has done magic with it, even he enjoyed it thoroughly so I am totally going to say that it was just fabulous visualisation—very different and very individual but absolutely amazing.”