Aishwarya Rai talks about being elusive, rumours and Abhishek Bachchan

Ash is generally known to be elusive with the press and other media personnel. But now the queen of bollywood, Ash wants to reinstate her position as one of the top actors, especially since she has four films due for release soon. Dhoom 2 , Umrao Jaan, Guru etc is due for release shortly and what better way than to break her ice queen stance than using the media. However Ash claims that she has never really attempted to deliberately stay elusive from the media, she says “I’ve just been working on my schedules, on several movies. Honestly there’s been no attempt whatsoever at hibernation.” She claims that shooting for her different films and traveling to different locations around the globe for her work has barely left her with any time to spare.
However she is more amused than annoyed with the various stories that circulate in the media. She claims that most of the stories doing the rounds in the media regarding her are purely fictional and are a means of entertainment. Ash says “My schedules keep me away and so it becomes very difficult to keep pace with clarifications before the next rumour is out. But I definitely try and bring some semblance of reality to whatever information is being disseminated about me.” However at times when she feels the stories doing the rounds of the media are not even justified she refuses to even talk about the topic so as not to give the unwanted topic any importance. Ash is not the least bit disturbed by claims made by Kareena Kapoor stating that she was first offered the role of Umrao Jaan which she turned down. Ash does not see the need to give the story any importance and also claims that director J.P Dutta’s silence on the subject should convey the message loud and clear to all.

Ash is flattered by the praises of directors who have worked with her and she says “If the captain of the ship acknowledges the professional actor in me, I’m overjoyed and extremely grateful. When my directors are satisfied it’s very well gratifying.” Ash will soon be seen with actor Abhishek Bachchan in several of her forthcoming films and the audiences are hoping to see some really interesting chemistry between the two of them. Ash says “As a team, Abhishek and I have succeeded in telling the story and doing our jobs as efficiently and in a committed fashion as expected. It’s a job well done.” However as for the two of them being an off-screen couple, the actress once again diplomatically sidesteps the issue saying “The way I or we have dealt with this issue is very apparent by the fact that there is nothing to put down in words. In terms of personal interaction, we share the same comfort level that we’ve always shared from our first film together. We have a fantastic working atmosphere and a friendly relationship that has grown with the growth in our experiences here.”

Ash believes that Abhishek is a fantastic actor and truly has talent. She says “It’s truly been a joy working with him. It’s great to see the growth, commitment and flair with which he delivers his performance. He’s completely committed to what he does.” Ash is also quite amused by the recent story circulating in the media about her being chided by Jaya Bachchan ; she says “God knows from where these interesting episodes come out from. It might only make for a great work of fiction or a maseledaar script.” Ash will soon be seen in Dhoom 2, then in J.P Dutta’s Umrao Jaan opposite Abhishek Bachchan and finally Mani Ratnam’s film Guru. Ash is also looking forward to the release of her Hollywood project The Last legion.