Aishwarya changes venue for daughter Aaradhya

Aaradhya is the topmost priority for the former beauty queen and Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Ever since Aaradhya was born, Ash turns to be a hands-on mom. Her career took a backseat after the birth of her child, Aaradhya in 2011. Now that Ash is back to work, she makes sure about her daughter’s comfort zone is not disturbed and plans her shoot according to her convenience. The doting mother made a request to the jewelry brand which she is endorsing to shoot at Mehboob studio for her daughter.

Aishwarya is slowly taking up projects but chooses works which will not hamper Aaradhya’s convenience. Whenever Ash shot out of the country, she takes her mother Vrinda Rai along with her to take care of her child and recently when she had to shot for a jewelry brand she kept Aaradhya at her mom’s house which is very close to Mehboob studio. She changed the venue to Mehboob studio as it is near to her mom’s place. Ash always wants to keep Aaradhya in safe hands and who will take better care of Aaradhya than her mom Vrinda Rai.

“Aishwarya doesn’t take her baby to her shoots. If she travels outside Mumbai, her mother accompanies her. For the shoot of her upcoming jewellery ad, she requested the brand honchos to shoot in Mehboob studio,” sources said.

Ash till date not committed to any movie project because she does not to stay away long from Aaradhya. For Aishwarya motherhood is more importance than anything else and this was the reason why she cancelled her dream meet with the Hollywood legend Al Pacino in London to be at her daughter’s side.

Recently, it is heard that Ash and Abhi planned for a movie but they dropped it at the last minute as they did not feel like to leave Aaradhya back at home.

Parenthood comes with sacrifices and Ash an Abhi are doing all the sacrifices for their loving daughter.